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Episode 1: Sacrifice To Success The Forgotten Art Project With David Weaver

November 01, 2022 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 1
Optimum Ideation
Episode 1: Sacrifice To Success The Forgotten Art Project With David Weaver
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We are on a constant search to discover "The Best of Human Ideation".

Optimum Ideation's mission is to share valuable knowledge with the future leaders of the world and peel away all of the layers that make each of us an onion.

Our goal with Optimum Ideation is to learn more about the individual, their business, heart, and mindset that allowed them to learn themselves, stand out from the crowd, and actually begin assisting others.

With that being said let’s welcome David Weaver, the business and life coach that is helping many frozen business leaders get unstuck with one on one coaching.

His Podcast is very enlightening, digging deeply into the experience & ideas of his guests, 

the many testimonies from his business network attest to the quality of work and impact he is creating in the world. 

He helps others to complete their goals and stay on the right path to success with individualized coaching.

Yes, most goals in business are about making good money, 

however it is also about quality relationships and the freedom to fully enjoy the simple pleasures of our lives, to do meaningful work, and not be enslaved by our jobs.

Take a moment to envision your business — and the life in which that business takes place — at its absolute best. 

Feel what that’s like: the sense of fulfillment, enough money coming in, quality relationships (… what else?) 

Does that seem far away, or close at hand? 

What, if anything, is keeping that vision from being reality?

You can find the answer to this question and more, Today, with our guest Mr. David Weaver.

Let’s dig into some questions to learn more about our amazing guest.

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