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Episode 3: Optimum Ideation Maksymizing Life With Valerie Maksym

March 26, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 3
Optimum Ideation
Episode 3: Optimum Ideation Maksymizing Life With Valerie Maksym
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We are so excited to bring this amazing author and life coach to your radar!

Know exactly what you want to be, do, and have in every area of life.

Tap into an inner drive and confidence that you didn’t know you had.

Live a life of purpose and fulfillment!

Maybe you have heard of Valerie Maksym from her recent published book titled "Maksymizing Life".


Join Valerie for self discovery:



Call or text at 281-825-6111 or

Email at maksymizinglife@gmail.com
Clarity Call - Maksymizeyou Life Coaching (maksymizinglife.com)

Also, Keep an Eye Out For Her Newest Book, Coming Soon!!! 

"Unleashing Your Inner Superhero" - launch out of your comfort zone - be authentically you!

Stay tuned for her Premiere Showing at 6:00am Central Time 3/26/2023 on our Youtube Podcast Channel.

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In 2016 she became a certified Life Coach with the John Maxwell program. She is a lifetime student of learning life coaching, mindset training, and self-development. She is currently in the Atmana coaching academy.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who helps guide you, giving you a series of questions and a safe space to think and talk out loud as you come to your own truth in discovery.

Through life coaching transformation takes place. You will become an entirely new person by the end of your coaching program.

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Oh, my goodness. I've been through lots of trials and tribulations. You know. At 12 years old, I watched my dad passed away right in front of me. I was up in the night taking care of him when he had come home from the hospital, sick with leukemia. And I helped him to get to the bathroom and he fell.

And it just all happened over into my room. Mom ran in there, and she never knew I saw any of that until. Until two years ago. Not even two years ago, A year ago. Because I we never spoke about it. Really. The next day it happened and then it was like life just went on. And so that was a huge that was huge, that trial and that whatever you want to call it, lasted for 38 years in my life.

Trauma is what it's called. It was. Yes. And so it just added trauma to because, you see, when I didn't heal, then all of a sudden that's when panic attacks started in sixth grade. Walking through the halls, I didn't know what it was. I'll come to you. And Newport has stopped him in mediation with the Hostin Bridges. I did interviews, the best of human ideation.

Everyone has a superpower, but times are hard. Many are in the darkness of the mind, in need of a helping hand, helping others to become whole. Our sponsoring brands third party people, NFT, fashion, TVC, fashion, Mark Point. Enjoy this show with today's guest. Welcome everybody to Ideation podcast. Our guest today is Valerie Maxon and she is a certified John Maxwell, coach, speaker and trainer.

She has a book that she'll be promoting as well as her services for life coaching and achieving goals and dreams. So we're just going to go right into this episode with the first question, which is what is your story, your resume, and how did you get to here? All right. My story got real about when I was 44 years old and I found myself divorced for the second time.

And I had never lived on my own because I went from high school to pregnant to married. And I realized at that time I had just been surviving through through life. And I didn't. I was just getting through the day. That's just how I live my life. Just to get to the next day, to get to the next day.

And I realized there has to be more to life than this, right? So I didn't mean to go on a self-discovery journey. It just kind of started unfolding and happening for me because my goal after that second divorce was, Oh, I need to go find somebody quickly to get married again. And I'm so thankful that I didn't do that.

I'm so thankful that I took these little it's spent eight years now to get to know me. And I've learned so much on this journey. And by learning so much, I have turned. It's like my goal just to turn around and help other people to know that it's possible. Because I was at Rock bottom. Panic attacks, you know, just didn't even know, didn't even know who I was, what I like, what's my purpose, what's my goals, what's my hobbies?

Like at 45 years old and you're not knowing these things. That's a pretty it was an eye opener for me to be like, okay, I need to figure out me and the rest of my life is going to be the best years of my life, regardless of whatever it's going to take. And I just began on this journey of creating me.

Yes, yes, man. I I've dealt with panic attacks myself and, you know, and even though I had those things, I'm sitting here like, hi, operator and companies, you know, and, you know, managing divisions of companies. But in the background, I'm like falling apart, you know, and but yeah, these past five years or so, I've really kind of dug into who I am and who I want to be.

And, and with doing that and figuring out yourself, you really just got to double back and help other people. Right? Exactly. Yes, for sure. So similar path there. Just yeah. You know, what layers did you have to reveal to become who you are now? There was a lot. You know, I like to look at it like I was an onion.

I'm still layers are still coming off. So when I tell people it's a journey, you don't you don't really know, you know, when layers what layers are coming off or you know when you're going to heal of what. I don't really know. The certain order for me, the layers that came off was I had to be true to myself.

I had to look at me and say, okay, you are the common denominator in a lot of this. So even though people might have done things to you. Yeah, but the bigger question I had to ask myself was, why did I allow it and why did I allow so long? Because I did not want to play victim mode.

I did not want to to be that person. I wanted to grow, learn from the situations and not repeat them again. Yeah, yeah. Now I completely understand what is the next layer that you'll be removing? You know, the next layer that I'm working on right now is, you know, when you say you're on this journey of like who you want to become, we're always getting to the next level.

So who I am today is going to be different than the person when I'm standing on stages in front of thousands of people talking. Right? Because that is my end goal is to get in front of, you know, when to build my business and to speak. So the person I am today is not the person that's going to be on that stage in front of, you know, hundreds of people, thousands of people, as I'm sharing.

So that person I have to become I have to every day I get up, no matter how I feel, I show up for myself. You know, there's days and I cannot tell you like there are days that I am just in a I don't know what you want to call it, but it's just hard to get going. It's hard to show up.

You're you're just kind of feeling down and out. I'm like, I've been doing this every day for eight years. Like, when are these great coming? And yeah, but I still show up. I still do. I still give in. So I have to continue to push through my fears. And that's, you know, that's the biggest layer now that I see that holds me back is I don't even know if it's that much fear, but it's it is fear driven for sure.

But having more belief in myself and knowing that, you know, knowing that that is what my purpose is. And so I really love being on these podcasts. And thank you for having me because I've been getting on a couple of podcasts a week and I feel like it's like my training wheels of speaking in front of people because I'm, you know, getting my story better.

I'm better at sharing my story in it. It gets more comfortable, you know, talking the more that you do it, because it just it just you just have to practice. You have to show up for yourself and keep doing no matter how hard it is when you mess up, you feel like it's a failure. It's not because those are learning moments that are going to add to you.

Continue growing and moving forward. Exactly. Exactly. I love it. You know, and this podcast, in a sense, have been training for me because although I've kind of lived a life of no fear in a sense, I never wanted to be like a face or I never wanted to be on camera doing this. And so this is kind of like the last layer that I needed to just say, you know what?

I'm not afraid of anything and let's just let's get out there, let's make business happen, let's network and let's knock off this last layer here. That's awesome. But in doing this, as you said, you know, it's very helpful for others and and therapeutic, you know, in a sense. What trials and tribulations have you been through? Oh, my goodness.

I've been through lots of trials and tribulations. You know what? At 12 years old, I watched my dad pass away right in front of me. I was up in the night taking care of him when he had come home from the hospital, sick with leukemia. And I helped him to get to the bathroom and he fell. And it just all happened.

I ran to my room. My mom ran in there and she never knew I saw any of that until until two years ago, not even two years ago, a year ago. Because I we never spoke about it. Really. The next day it happened and then it was like life just went on. And so that was a huge that was huge, that trial and that whatever you want to call it, lasted for 38 years in my life.

Trauma is what it's called. It was, yes. And so where I was at in life. So I was broken, So broken, two tracks broken. So I was continuously not attracting what was for me. And so that was that was a really, really tough lesson to learn. And looking back to say, wow, 38 years. But I know everything happens for a reason.

And so now I'm able through all of these things that I have been through, I have been through kids on drugs, I have been through, you know, getting a phone call where your kid was jumped by a bunch of people with golf clubs and he's almost dead. I've been through so many things that, you know, you just don't want to go through that.

But I've made it through. I've been through, you know, divorces. I've been through being cheated on. I have been through just I think the list just goes on. I had a son that was born sick who was supposed to be all kinds of health complications. He had a large liver and spleen and all those medical things. So there's just a lot that I've been through, but I've made it through.

And so that's the thing today, I don't I can't even ask for anything to make me happier and or joy or more peace. And that's why it's so exciting for me to talk to people and share to help give them a little bit of hope that it's possible to work through. It's not easy, but it's possible when you invest in yourself and you take time to learn, you know, you develop, you like it's just endless.

Exactly. That can happen. So that's why I did this podcast, you know, is to just share these insights with others. Because you know, that list that you just listened, I was that kid on a lot of that thing. Right. And you know, to make it to where I've gone in life is just a blessing. And to be here now facing your final fears and removing all the layers and then just sharing that with others is is priceless information.

Nothing more freeing like you probably think like like you feel like when you're like that ten year old kid and you're just free. You're just you just being authentic, you know, that is just the most freeing feeling in the world. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, for you to focus on that, it's got to be a blessing to be in that career focus, too.

Oh, yes. Yeah, it is. Now, when did you become passionate about your focus? You know, I've always naturally life coach people my entire life. Even when I was at rock bottom, I had friends in the gym and places they would all come to me. I was a vault, you know, I was able to just listen for both the right questions for them to figure out their own answers.

And I've just always done that. But I became really focused on it whenever I did divorce eight years ago because I had only ever been a stay at home mom and I wanted to follow my passion, which was some kind of counseling or helping people. I wasn't really sure what it was going to be at the time, but I needed immediate money.

So I launched my own personal training business and I did that and I did the John Maxwell program. But I really didn't feel like for myself that I had made it through anything, like, how can I really get out there passionately sharing my story when I'm sitting here at rock bottom and I know you can do it, but for me it just didn't feel right.

So I didn't actually like launch out to do it and my focus on what I'm doing now till about I would say two years ago, within the last year were really super like getting laser focused on it, like writing my book, writing life coaching programs and just knowing that there's no turning back because it's like, this is my such, my passion and my purpose that I don't have any choice.

Like, it's when you when you figure that out, it's like, okay, this is like if I don't eat, I'm going to die. If I don't do this, I'm really, you know, I have to do it. So. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand. But who were the greatest contributors to your character?

You know, that is an interesting question because it can it can be people that are not also good for us, too. Because I will tell you, I did date one person during this eight year period of time for about two years, and I thought that was the one like my world, my world, my everything. And there was just a lot that happened in that relationship that I'm not even going to go into all of it today.

But I learned so much from the trauma that I went through in that relationship about myself. Like literally, it was like I had a 180 degree turn around, but also my heart was ripped out and broken in 10 million pieces. So it's kind of that contradiction of I don't want to go through that again because that was super painful.

But I would have to say that those moments and the things that I went through there contributed to my character in ways that it made me like, okay, why do you let people run over you? Why do you let men cheat on you? Why do you allow these things so easily? Because the all maybe like, why was race and church you just forgive and move on and and you know and in a in another thing with my dad passing away and never talking about it I subconsciously created patterns that when something traumatic happens, we just put it under the rug and move on.

We don't we don't act like it's anything right. You just like, where are we going to dinner? What are we doing? And so I really feel like that relationship really, as hard as it was, it was like white balls. Like, you know, Valerie, you're better than this. You're you know, you were created for more than this. This is you know, I really lost my identity in that.

Like, if I don't say, like, I'm going to say identity, I lost like, I just felt like I was nothing and then I had to really have that reality. Why I felt rejected. I thought all these things. And then I started really diving deep and I realized he didn't reject me. He just chose somebody else. And that is his choice in life.

Just as if I was dating somebody and I wanted to choose somebody else just the way he did it. But for so long I just felt so rejected and like I could never pick the pieces up and move on and, you know, how am I ever going to find someone again? No one's ever going to like me like that.

And just all those things that played out in my head. But whenever I begin to just get real with my feelings and why was I feeling rejected and was it really rejection and and it really I want to say it just really pushed me to get out there and find my purpose, which I knew what it was in, in, in dive into it.

This is the time and you need to dive into it and it's your purpose. And that's what's going to bring happiness. Because when you find your purpose, you're going to find your happiness and just go together. It just absolutely goes together. And I give a just real quick here, but I love to give this illustration because I tell people to think of your looking out in the meadow of grass and there's like a tree out there and it's the beautiful tree.

And I tell someone, okay, your purpose is in our chest. They're buried beneath that tree, but you got to go find it. So you're having to dig for you're having to look for you're having to ask the questions and you know, so you find it. And then once you find it and you start walking in it, that tree will begin to start bearing fruit.

And that fruit is like happiness. Like, it's like for me, it's whenever I coach people in their life just changes and things happen and they have these light bulb moments or, or, you know, I bring in enough financial income that I can take my kids on a vacation and do things right. Those are my happiness because I'm walking in my purpose that now I'm bearing fruit and I'm able to, you know, see that.

So I just really, you know, purpose is so important. And I really did find my purpose through through through all that I went through with him. And even though that was a hard way of saying it, you know, I didn't want to have to go through that. I wish somebody would have just come in and, you know, it'd been a lot easier.

But I have that one. And then I have one other friend who's been by my side for the last four years. And, you know, he was in corporate America and he has been my cheerleader, you know, just like a best friend. I don't see him a lot, haven't seen him in a year, but still through text always texted me, Hey, champ, how you doing?

How's it company? You know, just having somebody have that belief in me. And that's another one that I like to believe in other people so much because I wouldn't I don't think my book would be done and I'd be where I'm at today if it wasn't for him. In fact, I know I wouldn't be because his just subtle little text or, you know, how's it going?

Or if I'm having a down day, you know, you've got this, you just need it, you know, dust yourself off, pick yourself up tomorrow and reset. You know, he'll just like, give me the right words every time that I need. And I'm like, Man, how does he know that? Every time I'm like, What? I'm like, he'll just show up in my text and say something that's so important to have those types of people in your life.

And you'd be surprised how many people don't have that. You know, I've gone to book signings and stuff and people will talk to me and they'll hug me and then they'll come back and hug me and then hug me again because I'm speaking life into them. And it's like, Man, you are so like, dried up. Like they they don't obviously have a lot of people in their corner, you know, believing in them and seeing things.

And I don't ever say anything I don't feel or see in a person. So whatever I'm saying is just truth. But but yeah, a lot of people just don't have that that support system. Yeah. When you first started on this path, what is something that is more difficult than you had imagined? More difficult than I had imagined financially making it on my own.

I had never, ever worked, don't have a resume and you're just thrown out there. It's it's I don't know how people do it. I mean, I look at, you know, how do these mothers that are single and don't have any means of help, how I don't I don't know what my hat's off to all of them because it is not easy.

Yeah. Yeah. No, it's it's definitely not easy. And when I met my wife, I just she was kind of in a situation where she had a little bit of work background. But, you know, I wanted her to have like a platform was kind of like what you're building. And so her focus, she was really good at like graphic design and, you know, web web design and, and also fashion and makeup.

So I was like, look, these are the things that you love. Let's hone in on that. Let's develop these things. And now if you look, she's got like a really trending fashion store called TDC fashion dot com and then she is kicking some. But there you know and and I love I love hearing women empowering women and the things that they do because that I don't know about just my heart but that's that's exciting yeah it's it's really great you know and we just kind of roll it out on a little over a year ago.

But, you know, the fact that she'll go from there and say all the kids, girls. Right. Right. Because she's doing this washes homeschooling and, you know, and I've worked from home and developed a seven figure business and and the six figure business with her. So these past four plus years. But like you said, you start from scratch and yeah, you just you don't know, you know, and I didn't know like starting from scratch and I don't I don't know.

I mean, then, you know, then the whole cover thing happened. So I'm a personal trainer, so if I don't so at that time I'm a personal trainer. So if I'm not training people, I don't get a paycheck and I don't have anything else. And so I had to get creative and I had my wagon with my weights and I would go outside people's houses to their park, like I kept 95% of my people all through COVID.

I kept them because I was like, Oh my gosh, I have to do this. And so many other people in the industry that I know they were just at home, they weren't doing anything. They were like, okay, well, this is shut down, this shutdown. We can't do anything. And I'm running off and I can't have that mindset. So we're going to keep working.

Can't afford it. Right? Right. We spoke on this a little bit, but let's say, who were you at your lowest points? And then the inverse of that is who are you at your highest points? So at my lowest points, I, I look back at that that girl, and I don't even know her anymore because lowest points like I had zero self-confidence.

I had zero voice. I completely lost my voice in one of my relationships where I just got to the point even talk because why I'm going to say the wrong thing. I'm going to do the wrong thing. And it was just I was just that broken. I couldn't even drive from my house to the grocery store a mile away without stop being four or five times because of my panic attacks were so strong, I thought I was having a seizure and that was just no way to live.

That was just dark and just very I don't know. It just didn't seem like like how how do I get out of this? So just see, it just seem like you're just in a in a night fog and a phase and you're just literally counting the hours. Okay, When is it time to go to bed? Like, you know, how much longer till it's going to be dark?

You know, you just it was just it was a very, very low. That was a very, very low time for me. Now, in my highest light, I just I'm always just positive energy. And I get up every morning and I have my morning ritual all the stuff that I go through to get my day going. And I'm excited for the day.

Like if you were a little kid going on a field trip, like, what's going to happen today? Like, who am I going to meet today? And, you know, what conversations am I going to have today? And, you know, I just I look at it with excitement because I look at life as a gift and even more so through all we've been through with COVID and and things happening.

It's like every day, yeah, I'm turning 52 next week and I look at it and I'm sometimes I'm like, Oh, but I'm thankful. I'm thankful I'm turning 52. I'm not looking at it anymore. Like, oh gosh, I'm getting old. I'm, I'm, I'm thankful, I'm blessed, I'm healthy, you know, I'm you look at you have to wake up with that positive for me that positive mindset and that just keeps, you know, where you focus is, where you go.

So it's on the positive of all the good things that are happening. Exactly. That's beautiful. Thank you. What is your best piece of advice for an audience that truly wants to become the best version of themselves? My best piece of advice would be don't second doubt it. Just do it. Because if that's really what you want, then you just do.

Because if you even for one second start doubting or questioning or thinking because I know I've been there, it prolongs you from doing it because then you're like, Oh yeah, but okay, I'll start it next week. Well, I don't know. I'm not really, you know, you just you're in the mind game. So I just my best thing advice is just get out there and do it and do it even if you're failing because you're failing forward, you know, for that book, Failing forward, like you're giving up, you're messing it up.

You're still doing something to push yourself forward and to invest in yourself. And you just never know. My whole journey for the last eight years, people ask me all the time, you know, how did you plan your journey? I'm like, The interesting thing is I haven't. And every single day a new little gem pops up and it's something else.

And it might be through a book, it might be through someone I talked to. It might be through something I see on YouTube. It might be through something that I'm just kind of in my creative time and I'm journaling and things come up. But it's like every I will tell you every single time I need something, it's there, but it's not there early.

It's never there early. So it's just like, why me continuing to show up for myself, doing the things, you know, the door opens, Opportunity opens. I'm Barnes and Noble Stone, a book signing for me in April and in, and I'm on a panel of a women's empowerment group It's but I would not know all these things right But the doors just keep opening because I'm showing up for myself.

And that's what you have to do. You have to show up for yourself. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A little bit to that. You know, like these past four years or so, through this crazy time that we've been in, man, I've just seen so many ups and downs and, you know, I had the greatest business plan, you know, and, and the greatest, you know, processes of how we can do this and how we can scale this.

And just to see that just get exploded by all this oil and gas crisis and then COVID and this and that. And, you know, to go through all this that I've been through, it's just you get to the spot where it's like, okay, everything that I need is here. It's always been here, right? You know, And what I need tomorrow is going to come and it might not come exactly how you want.

It's going to come in some other package or some other thing. But. But yeah, but you didn't quit. You can't. Oh yeah. You can't second guess it. You can't quit. You just have to keep showing up. I tell my kids all the time, if something ever happens to me, what are you going to tell people that I instilled in you?

In you? And they're like, okay, that there a plan A, B, C, D, E, f, g, all the way down the alphabet until we figure it out, we don't quit. I'm like, Yes, you don't quit. There is always a way if you if, if you want it. Yeah. If you don't give up, cannot give up is hard as things look you're crawling like somedays you're just crawling but you're still showing up for yourself and moving forward.

Exactly. Exactly. Now, what practices or techniques do you use throughout the day to make your day a success? You know, this has been a journey. So, you know, I was raised Christian. You pray and you do all the things and that's good. But I've taken it a step further just recently because I have really enjoyed Joe Dispenser, really enjoyed stuff.

And so I never really understood meditation. I was trying to understand it. I've been following him now for six months, doing his meditations. Yeah. And I just came across a training that he did that he talked about from the sacral up to the back of the this were the brain how when we breathe, how it like big how you know, energy goes up and then when you're holding it in your lower abdomen like it opens things in your penile your what is it called the radio.

Glenn Yes. And you know how that's where your creativity and all these things are at and something like, oh, this makes so much sense, what he's saying. So then the last few days when I've been doing, you know, his I try to do it every morning, at least a 20 minute one or I'm doing the meditation and I have to tell you my creativity.

I'm writing programs. I have four programs. I'm writing for life coaching, and they're all signature programs that I putting together are all everything from who am I to communication. There's several of them and one one also on health and well, health, because I do all my fitness stuff, but just the creativity that keeps coming into my work is coming from, you know, So I mean, I literally make sure I have an hour every morning before I have to start getting ready.

That's my time. Whether I'm listening to something, I try very hard, very hard to don't look at my phone for the first hour. No emails, no text. Try really hard. That first hour is my time to get my mind right to just have that time. So that way when I'm starting my day, I'm starting out filled up because you can't give out when you're empty.

So every single day I try to fill up as much as I can. So when I'm showing up, places like, I'm ready, I'm prepared. Let's go. We got this. Yeah, I'm. I'm glad you brought Joe up, because, man, I'm a big fan, and that's really helped me through these past few years, too, so. Yeah, and I've known about him for a long time as well as him.

Half breathing is okay then. That really helps me out too. Okay, If you could interview three people, who would it be? You know, so I'm a big Oprah Winfrey fan. I just am. I think that that woman has just been through so much and she just continues to just move forward. And I love it. She continues to evolve and grow and evolve and grow.

So she would be one, you know, to me when I think of her, because I've been through my journey of trying to find me and women empowerment, you know, living in another thing that I teach on is women being queens. And when you're trying to find your dating who you want to date, you need to groom her to be a queen, because you're not going to find a king unless you're like, you know, the queen.

So I've been really doing a lot of things on goddesses and queens, and I just feel like that Marilyn Monroe is just kind of that iconic. You see her photo, you see her for quotes, and you're just like, wow, what a you know, she was way before her time in her just knowing who she was. Right as a woman and having that confidence.

So I would definitely in, you know, Tony Robbins, I did say Tony Robbins because I've taken his classes and and I've followed his journey probably now for 30 years. I mean, a long time. I've seen him go through so many things. And I just I when I hear him, he always I know he always speaks to me somehow.

You watch his I watched his Netflix show was on Netflix, his show. And it's just how he can get a room just so stirred up just in and the emotion and just really just cut to the core and just, you know, just pierce someone's heart like that. Like, wow, I mean, that's a gift. That's that's huge. Yeah. Big fan of his as well.

Yeah. But yeah, vice versa. You know, if you want a queen, you have to behave yourself. You know, you have to. You have to be close to God, whatever source that you put into it, because you have to be able to share those lessons with your partner. Mm hmm. If you ever write another book, what will it be about?

Well, I'm already writing it like it's about halfway done. It is called Unleashing Your Inner Superhero. And so it's just all on how to. It's just. It's just opening up your thought process to even think about what that means, you know? And I have a I had a guy design a photo for me, and it's it's a picture of me as a superhero, and it's being launched by fire, like out out of my comfort zone.

So we're launched in our comfort zone. That's where the magic in life happens, right? So we can't launch out of our comfort zone and do these things when we don't even know who we are. So just learning in that book, I'm going to talk about, you know, learning how to be authentically you, giving yourself permission, all who want to give themselves permission because we get so wired that, well, my mom won't like that if I do that or my dad or someone or this or that.

We just stay connected to doing all the ways and behaving in the way that people want us to behave. Because that's what we're told, right? No, I just feel like there's nothing more for me. I love authentic people. I'm just drawn to them. And I may not even agree with all that they're, you know, portraying and stuff, but I just and drawn to that to no one to their their spirit just drawn to that.

They're okay to just freely be themselves and a good thing. Anybody anything bad or harmful but you know is just you know some women you know, you're just like, man, you just have some serious self-confidence. I love it that they behave and walk and act and they're just being true to themselves. And I think when you get there, that's that really to me is living.

Yeah. Yeah, I agree. I agree fully. Oh, now we're about to close out here. Do you have a networking event, a book of product service or invention that we can help you promote to the audience? Well, I do have my life coaching programs that I offer, and so that's through my website. Maximizing mlive.com. And I do have a book out on Amazon and Audible, and it's it's called Maximizing Life.

Good, Good. And what is the best way for the audience to support you getting contact and scheduling you? So like I said, they can reach out at my website. And so my last name is spelt Maxwell I am. So it's maximizing life like that. And I made all my handles maximizing life. So if someone's on Facebook they can look up maximizing life.

Instagram, ticktock, LinkedIn. I'm on maximizing life. Perfect. Perfect. It's been a blessing having you today. I look forward to networking with you in the future. And if there's anything that we can do to support you, we will. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you for having me.

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