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Episode 5: Optimum Ideation Off Grid Adventure With Salma Burney

April 18, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 5
Optimum Ideation
Episode 5: Optimum Ideation Off Grid Adventure With Salma Burney
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Show Notes

#offgrid #offgridadventure #camping #horseriding #ziplines #ninja #rockwall #climbing #caving #glamping

Join the owners of Off Grid Adventure, in the 1st ever expo on how to live off the grid!

Saturday, May 20-21 from 11 am - 7 pm
Admission: $ donation for NB GrubHub
or canned goods for The Pantry Food Hub

Presented by Salma Burney & Mike Radcliffe, owners of Off Grid Adventure
Salma and Mike have been living off-the-grid successfully for the past 3 years in Anagance, New Brunswick.

In July 2021 they opened Off Grid Adventure, a 20-acre
off-grid campground to bring back "back to nature camping".

House Tour
Wonder how we live off grid?

We show you how!

Exhibitors Section
We will have off grid trailers, toy haulers, ATVs, SxS in actual campsites for you to view

Adventure Park
Come rock climb!

Zip line!

& more


Unplugged Power Systems
RV World
Work & Play
Over East Outdoor
Food Truck: Mama K's

Unplug to Unleash the
Adventurer in You!

All year-round and Group sites are available!
Equine (Horse) Camping is available!

Come experience WINTER CAMPING this Winter!

About the owners:
Salma Burney

Salma enjoys trying many activities. When in Hawaii she took lessons in SUPping. In Cuba she enjoyed kayaking. In Quebec, she experienced via ferrata, which in Italian is "iron road". Via Ferrata is a protected climbing route with a steel cable running along the route that is fixed to the rock.

Also-Your Mobile Virtual Assistant
She gives small business owners, solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs more time to work on their passion by taking care of their administrative tasks.

SALMA BURNEY is a Virtual Assistant, Computer Instructor & Social Media Coach for Virtual Girl Friday, a company she established in 2004. She assists a wide range of professionals including a Sporting Goods Distribution Company, Business Development Coach, Writers/Authors, Graphic Designer, Family Business Mediator/Arbitrator, Industrial Safety Consultant, Business Valuator, Nutraceutical Executive.

Computer Instruction
As a Computer Instructor Salma teaches what the students want to learn, not what she thinks they need to learn. Her classes are interactive and focus on how to use the software to make the students’ workday easier, not stressful.

When Salma is not working virtually you can find her working with her husband, Mike, on their 50-acre hobby farm or hiking throughout New Brunswick, where they recently moved to.

Learn More, Get in Contact:
OFF GRID EXPO | Off Grid Adventure
Virtual Assistant - More Time

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