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Episode 7: Optimum Ideation FocusBear.io With Jeremy Nagel

April 24, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 7
Optimum Ideation
Episode 7: Optimum Ideation FocusBear.io With Jeremy Nagel
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Show Notes

Block distractions
‍across all your devices
Get into deep work with distraction blocking across all your devices. You can remove blocks if you have an emergency.

Morning Routines
To Boost Productivity
Research indicates that doing activities like meditation and exercise in the morning boosts focus throughout the day. Focus Bear doesn't just track your habits, it guides you through your habits in real-time and blocks distractions (no more mornings where Insta derails your exercise regime).

Take productivity-
‍boosting breaks.
Take breaks every 20 minutes - your brain and body will thank you. Auto-detects meetings so you don't get asked to do breaks when you're on a call.

Make your phone
Your phone doesn’t have to be a source of distraction. Start a deep work block on your computer and your phone will immediately enter Zen mode.

Configure Your Own Habits

Download the Mac app
Create a custom morning and night routine (or use one of our recommended habit packs) and choose which URLs/apps to block.

Know you’re
reaching your goals.
See at a glance how much you've done in a day.

The Science Behind
Focus Bear
Built by a team with ADHD based on neuroscience principles to help you stick with your habits and get stuff done.

Five science-backed
ways Focus Bear helps
you focus

Remove distractions
The internet and smart phones have a negative impact on productivity. We based our system on studies indicating that blocking distractions can improve productivity. Importantly, our system blocks distractions across all your devices - most other distraction blockers only work on your computer or on your phone. Focus Bear works on both.

Start the day right
Research indicates that exercise can help improve attention throughout the day in adults with ADHD. If you're not a fan of exercise - don't worry: you can meditate instead. Other focus boosting morning routine activities may help too though research is in its early stages. Focus Bear guides you through a morning routine that will boost your focus throughout the day. It's customizable as everyone is different.

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