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Episode 9: Optimum Ideation OPUS.AI With Adnan Yunus

May 02, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 9
Optimum Ideation
Episode 9: Optimum Ideation OPUS.AI With Adnan Yunus
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Opus AI - We turn literary text into video games. Empowering a new generation of producers, writers and actors.

Adnan Yunus
Chief Scientist at OpusAI • We turn literary text into digital and physical worlds • Leader • Inventor • Recovering world-savior • We're hiring in Austin, Nashville, Lahore and remotely

In this podcast episode Adnan goes into the depths of his upbringing and career path that ultimately led him to create a business in ai....

A revolutionary text - to - video game or movie or metaverse or simulation or more.

There is something for everyone in this genuine interview of one of the greatest minds of todays day and age.

If you would like to reach out and help gain awareness to this project, little known fact, Adnan is proficient in 7 spoken languages and several more programming languages and tech... for example: 

  • Arabic
  • Limited working proficiency
  • English
  • Native or bilingual proficiency
  • French
  • Limited working proficiency
  • Hindi
  • Native or bilingual proficiency
  • Punjabi
  • Full professional proficiency
  • Spanish
  • Limited working proficiency
  • Urdu
  • Native or bilingual proficiency
  • Technologies: C, C++11, Clang, FPGA, Linux, nodejs, Electron, CSS, ES6, Git, CMake, OpenSSL, TCL, Vivado, Language Templating, Code generation, Meta Programming, System Architecture, SWIG, Docker, APIs, Bison/Flex, Compiler generators, X86/ARM/ARM64 FPGA/Cloud/Python/Java/AI for robotics and industrial and more...


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The technology turns text into games, metaverses, simulations, worlds, and movies! 

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Introduction to Optimum Ideation
Welcome to Optimum Ideation
How did you get to here?
What layers did you have to reveal to become who you are now?
What is the next layer to remove?
What trials and tribulations?
When did you become passionate about your focus?
Who are you at your lowest & highest?
Best Advice?
Who would you interview?
Where do you ultimately want to go?
What is the best way the audience can support?
2nd interview demonstration of OPUS AI capabilities on Modern Pipeliner.