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Episode 10: Optimum Ideation Executive Coach Brooke M Dukes

May 14, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 10
Optimum Ideation
Episode 10: Optimum Ideation Executive Coach Brooke M Dukes
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Show Notes

Meet Brooke M. Dukes - Executive Consultant to women who want to discover their gifts & create the life they desire | Business Consultant | Speaker | Master Trainer | Transforming Human Behavior | Strategic Planner.

As a CEO, Chief Sales Officer, President, Master Trainer, and Executive Coach for 30 years, Brooke Dukes has worked with women in the C-suite, leaders, and entrepreneurs to identify the parts of their life that are holding them back and helped them create a personalized plan to achieve their goals while preventing burnout, overwhelm, and stress. 

Brooke is known for helping her clients and teams upgrade their habits, patterns, and performance to get new results in their life and career. 

Whether the goal is personal growth or professional development, Brooke supports leaders and teams in understanding, influencing, and transforming human behavior. She has worked with C-suite leaders, nonprofit executives, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 100 companies including United Airlines, Arbonne, EDS, Lear, Isagenix, and Homepoint. 

Brooke is an expert in corporate culture, communication, leadership development, and strategic planning. 

Brooke has her BS from Michigan State University. She is a mother of two successful young adults and an avid traveler. 

Exploring the world and helping people achieve their dreams is her passion. She currently resides in Austin, TX. 

Identify what's holding you back, determine where you want to go and create a strategy to get there.
Start a conversation brooke@brookemdukes.com or 248.660.0806

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