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Episode 12: Optimum Ideation Dark Night of the Soul Dr. Kristin Wild

May 15, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 12
Optimum Ideation
Episode 12: Optimum Ideation Dark Night of the Soul Dr. Kristin Wild
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Show Notes

Dr. Kristin Wild is an entrepreneur turned award winning holistic health practitioner. 

She has a PhD in Metaphysical science with a major in quantum physics and holds a diploma in applied psychology. 

She is the creator of the therapy modality called Awareness Therapy and founder of the Modern Health Solution. 

Dr. Kirstin Wild is best known for helping heal from chronic physical and mental conditions that are thought to be incurable.

She herself overcame a disease a called rheumatoid arthritis. 

After a ten year battle and nearly losing her life she went from being bed ridden to living in vibrant health. 

She now helps others do the same.

At Modern Health Solution she and her team help people overcome chronic physical and mental illnesses. 

They offer programs, group sessions, and one-on-one care.

It is our belief that the people that care enough to change the world into a better place for others have had a dance with death, traumatic life, or been held underwater too long by the machine.

How can we "not let ourselves down" and become a complete human being?

How many people do you know that can truthfully say that they are happy? For us, it's not enough, and that's what drives us.

Can we turn the Human Condition in our favor?

What can collective humanity do to feed the village better?

Do you have a smart business or smart approaches to increase income?

Are there health tricks, skills, techniques, nutrition, and supplements that increase our capacity to learn?

What is the truth of our existence?

Have you spent hours researching history, past leaders, self-help, ancient origins or technology?

Do you crave the knowledge to know how to achieve our full potential?

When we peel back all of the layers, what is left is Human's Best Ideation, Optimum Ideation.

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