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Episode 13: Optimum Ideation Philosophy With Josh Bachynski

May 15, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 13
Optimum Ideation
Episode 13: Optimum Ideation Philosophy With Josh Bachynski
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Show Notes

SEO Help, Tutorials, Experiments, Google Search Leaks / Secrets / News, How to Rank and How to recover your rankings! 

Josh Bachynski MA, is an Ethicist, Philosopher and Technologist with over 20 years in marketing and search experience. 

Josh has spoken on ethics for over 20 years, including a TEDx talk "The Future of Google, Search and Ethics", and his own Ethics/Technology related podcast with 19+k subscribers. Josh has a book available on our dystopic moral scenario and the collapse of civilization entitled "The Zombies Book." 

Comic vs. Philosopher Podcast. Bach Meditation YT Show. TedX Speaker. SEO Youtube channel on secrets

(And, as if that wasn't enough) in his spare time, Josh practices and teaches martial arts with 3 black belts, and lives in the beautiful city of Victoria BC Canada with his darling wife.

We are on a constant search to discover "The Best of Human Ideation".

Optimum Ideation's mission is to share valuable knowledge with the future leaders of the world and peel away all of the layers that made us all into an onion.

Know more about why humans do what they do.

Tricks to save time, hack your operating system, and more interesting discoveries from the greatest thought leaders of our time.

In an unjust world, filled with temptations, distractions, and misleading information we hope to become a beacon of inspiration by sharing great leader's teachings for the betterment of society.

Optimum Ideation offers one location for critical thinkers who above all other things in this existence crave truth.

Now, you don't have to scan miles of internet to find knowledge your mind craves & desires.

You are at home here amongst great thinkers, thoughts, psychology, helpful tech, humanitarians, kind individuals, health, and helpful gurus of knowledge from all ages and locations across the world.

There is peace in truths. May we all find peace through knowledge, sharing kindness, appreciation, and love.

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