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Episode 14: Optimum Ideation Mindshift With Sharlene Lynch

July 08, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 14
Optimum Ideation
Episode 14: Optimum Ideation Mindshift With Sharlene Lynch
Optimum Ideation Podcast
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Show Notes

Talks about #coaching, #speaking, #mindshift, #businessunpack, and #intellectualproperty

Speaker | Thought Leader on MINDSHIFT the future of mindset.

How to navigate the GAP from where you are to where you want to be.

Have you ever felt that business is one step forward and two steps back?

For too long we have been told business is business... people run businesses... business is personal.

That is where we start with personal tools and techniques that create a life that THRIVES.

Sharlene Lynch is a Speaker and Thought Leader on MINSDHIFT the future of mindset.

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a background in accounting and holistic psychology with 30 years of business coaching experience.

She is an international inspirational speaker and veteran workshop facilitator.

Sharlene is the living embodiment of her MINDSHIFT program moving through the GAP to create a life that THRIVES.

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