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Episode 16: Optimum Ideation Self Esteem Regime With Clarissa Burt

July 08, 2023 Timothy Bridges Season 1 Episode 16
Optimum Ideation
Episode 16: Optimum Ideation Self Esteem Regime With Clarissa Burt
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Show Notes

SPECIAL MENTION:  In June of 2022, Clarissa was Knighted by The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen joining the ranks of 350 Dames worldwide.

Clarissa Burt is an internationally acclaimed award-winning media personality, producer, director, writer, author, public speaker and former supermodel and winner of the Celebrity Survivor show!  With hundreds of television and film credits to her name, this Who’s Who of International and American Women brings over 35 years of entertainment industry experience in both International and American markets.

Clarissa is the Founder and CEO of In the Limelight Media, a multi-media platform consisting of TV/video, a podcast and a digital magazine. Her shows can be seen on ROKU, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, etc. and her podcast is heard on 15 different distribution platforms.

Her internationally pluri-award winning bestselling book entitled The Self-Esteem Regime published by Roman and Littlefield published on November 11th, 2021. The audiobook was published by Recorded Books two weeks later. The book drops in Italy on November 11, 2022.

She was the first American to present Russian TV at the Kremlin, has had two private audiences with Pope John Paul II honoring her social work.

As the Ambassador to the United States, she actively helped African women win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. 


Entrepreneurial Excellence Award by the Women’s Economic Forum
USA Chair for the G100 Club/All Ladies League for Television and Broadcasting, Certificate Global Honor from Pune University, India,
Diploma of Recognition from the National Italian American Foundation, Washington, D.C.
Italian Consulate Los Angeles/Phoenix Honorary Member Recognition Award

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