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Episode 19: Optimum Ideation Holistic Health Supplements With Jake Crossman

August 20, 2023 Timothy Bridges / Jake Crossman Season 1 Episode 19
Optimum Ideation
Episode 19: Optimum Ideation Holistic Health Supplements With Jake Crossman
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Show Notes

Transforming Lives Through Holistic Health, Nutrition, and Plant-Based Medicine | 1M+ Followers | MD at USA Medical

I'm an experienced Managing Director with a history of business development, acquisitions, and advertising. I'm passionate about authenticity and transparency both inside and outside the workplace.

My entire background is in leading teams. I've held many different titles that all provided me the opportunity to lead incredibly high-performing teams, including the supervision of television crews for NFL, College Football, and College Basketball on FOX. The hiring & managing of studio crews for Super Bowl 2020 on FOX. I EP'ed FUSE, a lighthearted sketch comedy program for LFSN airing on ESPN+. I directed ESPN+ and E3 college softball, college soccer, and college basketball. And now, having left professional broadcasting and entered into the biotechnology sector, I work as the Managing Director for one of the leading CBD retailers globally.

No matter what the project is, my role remains the same. Determine the goals, lead the top team, and ensure success at every milestone.

"You have to wake up every day and look in the mirror, and you want to be proud of the person who's looking back at you. And you can only do that if you're being honest with yourself and being a person of high character." 

Talks about #cbd, #cbg, #hemp, #cbdoil, and #cbdproducts 

Message us at usa medical in the comments below.

We are on a constant search to discover "The Best of Human Ideation".

Optimum Ideation's mission is to share valuable knowledge with the future leaders of the world and peel away all of the layers that made us all into an onion.

What type of topics do you focus on this podcast?
It is our belief that the people that care enough to change the world into a better place for others have had a dance with death, traumatic life, or been held underwater too long by the machine.

How can we "not let ourselves down" and become a complete human being?

How many people do you know that can truthfully say that they are happy? For us, it's not enough, and that's what drives us.

Can we turn the Human Condition in our favor?

What can collective humanity do to feed the village better?

Do you have a smart business or smart approaches to increase income?

Are there health tricks, skills, techniques, nutrition, and supplements that increase our capacity to learn?

What is the truth of our existence?

Have you spent hours researching history, past leaders, self-help, ancient origins or technology?

Do you crave the knowledge to know how to achieve our full potential?

CBD Oil | Fast Acting Relief from Anxiety, Stress, & Tension (usamedical.com)

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