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Episode 20: Optimum Ideation Up My Influence With Josh Elledge

September 06, 2023 Timothy Bridges / Josh Elledge Season 1 Episode 20
Optimum Ideation
Episode 20: Optimum Ideation Up My Influence With Josh Elledge
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Show Notes

2500+ media appearances
Syndicated TV expert & newspaper columnist
130K+ audience Keynote speaker
We scale 6-figure consultants to 7-figures via 5-10 high-level intros weekly
Booking podcast guests

This Guy Believes Everyone Has a Message That Can Positively Impact the World.

Founder & CEO Josh Elledge Earned $6 Million in Sales With Zero Paid Ads and Wants the Same for You.

Josh is a serial entrepreneur who builds the companies he needs most in the world. In 2014, He launched UpMyInfluence to help entrepreneurs like himself attract the perfect audiences and grow their brands without the crazy costs and contracts associated with traditional marketing methods. UpMyInfluence (UMI) is a purpose-driven company focused on helping high-ticket agencies, coaches, consultants, and other B2B service providers skyrocket their sales through: authority, platform, and leading with generosity. Josh wholeheartedly believes UMI has a moral imperative to help entrepreneurs own their expertise, share their wisdom, and serve the world with their collective messages.

UMI was the natural outgrowth of his first startup, SavingsAngel. Josh founded the consumer savings platform in 2007 to bring in what he most needed at the time (namely, more money). Armed with a background in information technology and Internet development, Josh’s technologic tinkering cut his family-of-five’s monthly grocery bill by half and created the most comprehensive coupon and sale-matching service available. SavingsAngel.com soon become a major operation employing up to 50 employees and grossing more than $6 million in sales with (I lied – THIS is the last time I say this) NO paid ads.

When other entrepreneurs began knocking on his door desperate for the magic formula that would bring similar success, his new mission in life was born! Today, Josh is known as one of the foremost experts in online influence and authority. He’s personally worked with thousands of entrepreneurs – working to turn them into media celebrities and successfully growing their B2B sales systems.

Never shy in front of an audience, Josh is a frequent speaker at business and startup conferences including Social Media Marketing World and a Tony Robbins special invite event for his Business Mastery grads. He’s appeared as an electrifying podcast guest more than 200 times. He’s a regular consumer expert on Fox 35 Orlando WKMG, and News 13, writes a syndicated column for nine newspapers (with total readership above 1.1 million readers), and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country. All told, Josh has appeared in the media (way) more than 2500 times.

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