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Episode 24: Optimum Ideation Cracking The Rich Code With Jim Britt

October 22, 2023 Jim Britt Season 1 Episode 24
Optimum Ideation
Episode 24: Optimum Ideation Cracking The Rich Code With Jim Britt
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In life we have moments that stand out amongst the rest, meetings that change perspectives, and discussions that alter the future.

Jim Britt is a leading transformative coach who's work has impacted millions.

He has worked 1 on 1 with some of the leading voices in recent history including names like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Kevin Harrington. He has presented seminars throughout the world sharing his success strategies and life enhancing realizations with over 5,000 audiences, totaling over 2,000,000 people from all walks of life.

This entire interview is full of good insights, don't miss it, here are some highlights:

Jim Britt is the author of 15 best-selling books and nine #1 International Best sellers and multiple online programs. Some of his many titles include Rings of Truth, Do This. Get Rich-For Entrepreneurs, Do This. Get Rich! for Network Marketers, Unleashing Your Authentic Power, The Power of Letting Go, and Cracking the Rich Code. He is an internationally recognized business leader who is highly sought after as a keynote speaker for all audiences.

Jim was recently named as one of the world’s top 20 success coaches, the top 50 speakers world-wide and presented with the “Best of the Best” award out of the top 100 contributors of all time to the Direct Selling industry.

As a performance coach and trainer, Jim leverages his skills and experience as one of the leading experts in peak performance, entrepreneurship and personal empowerment to produce stellar results.

Today, Jim’s background spans all levels of experience and application. In addition to the many businesses he has launched over the years, Jim started his speaking career as a business partner with the late, great, Jim Rohn for almost 10 years, where Tony Robbins worked under his direction for his first few years in the seminar business. Jim has worked with more than 300 corporations around the world as a performance coach helping executives, their employees and field leaders improve performance, access their true potential, and live lives filled with personal and professional advancement. Today, Jim presents seminars on personal achievement, entrepreneurship, small business success strategies, network marketing, leadership, and all aspects of peak performance and personal fulfillment. His powerful program The Power of Letting Go has helped hundreds of thousands let go of the blocks that stops their success and happiness. To date, Jim has addressed thousands of audiences around the world totaling well over 2-million people from all walks of life.

This interview concludes Season 1 "Self Help Inventions" of Optimum Ideation with Jim Britt. Season 2 "Nature vs Nurture" of Optimum Ideation is already being share on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and all streaming stations. 

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